Meermin – Quality Handmade Shoes

logo_meermin-02“Quality & Price”

Meermin is a quality handmade shoe company based in Mallorca, Spain. They offer a wide variety of men’s and women’s shoes along with accessories from belts to shoe trees.

Below is some information and history about the brand taken from their website.

Meermin, established in 2001, is a company formed by members of the 3rd & 4th generation of a renowned shoemakers family from Mallorca, specialized in manufacturing high-end goodyear shoes.The goal of the company is to produde high-end shoes at a reasonable price for the customers. Our main interest is to surprise the customer with the value (Quality & Price) of our articles. To achieve this goal we pursue permanently the costs adjustment in manufacturing and distribution, without compromising the quality of the final product. One of the most important factors of this young company is the absence of dealers or brokers which would increase the retail price. Our shoes are distributed directly from our factory to the end customer through our own stores or this website. With this sales policy, distribution costs can be significantly reduced, so we can allocate more resources to improve the quality of our products, using in its production, high-end materials from the most famous tanneries, such as : Tannerie D´Annonay (France), Les tanneries Du Puy (France), Charles. F. Stead (England), Weinheimer Leder (Germany) or Thomas Ware & Sons (England). Time has shown us that customers who have tried our products have been satisfied, and at the same time pleasantly surprised by the value (Quality & Price) which Meermin provides.

I received 2 pairs of shoes from Meermin and a brown suede belt and I absolutely love them. I got a pair of double monk, dark brown calf leather and a pair of oxfords in dark brown rapello suede. Both of these shoes can be work casually and formally which is why I chose them.

Below are some images of the shoe shapes that Meermin have to offer.

lastsYou can watch videos of the making of the shoes HERE

Below are the different categories of men’s shoes that Meermin have to offer on their website. Like i was saying before. They do offer a range of accessories and Ladies shoes.

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 07.45.37 pm

If you are wanting a pure quality leather / suede shoe then look no further than Meermin. They offer such a wide variety of shoes and accessories and at great quality and pricing. You cant go wrong.

Head to their website HERE to order shoes and accessories. Or you can use the contact form HERE to get in touch. Also follow them on their social media sites below and keep up-to-date with new styles and colours:




Artist Residence – Brighton

brighton“Quirky and Chic”

If you are wanting something different that is set in the beautiful city of Brighton, then look no further than The Artist Residence. From checking in at the very chic and vintage reception to going up to your artist infused room you feel like you are in a different world. Its such a great experience.

artist-residence-brightonAbove is the reception

ARB-900x360Below are a few images of the different types of rooms that are on offer at the Artist Residence.


artist-residence-brightonEach room is individually designed which makes this hotel so quirky and worth the visit.

The image below is the view from our room that we had. Such a beautiful view over Regency Square looking towards the Sea.

artist_residence_brighton_viewAnother great thing about this hotel is there is a cocktail bar attached to the hotel called The Cocktail Shack offering some of the best (That I have had) cocktails around. There are only about 15 / 20 cocktails on the menu but the barman, who has been voted best barman in Brighton knows his stuff and makes you whatever you like. Below are some images of the bar to show you it.

7590f5c446d90104b2c7a617852711f4the-cocktail-shack-eat-and-drink-largeTo book a stay at this Hotel click HERE

Also follow The Artist Residence on their social media accounts below.