Paul Magi – Luxury Accessories

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“Consumer Luxury On the Move”

Paul Mascaro, a designer & architect wanted to launch a luxury men’s luggage range that can demand performance but mostly be a quality piece . It’s now available online at

Their aim was to create luxury lifestyle accessories that are smart, understated and, above all else, a pleasure to use.

The style is a fusion of both Paul’s British and Mediterranean heritage and his training as an architect. Each design seeks to express the natural qualities of the materials, taking inspiration from the city and nature, resulting in a contemporary, yet timeless look of casual luxury.

Firmly fixed in the opposite direction of the trend for fast fashion, the label instead is focused on releasing just one product at a time. Designs are developed over an extended period, with each innovative detail tested and evolved, resulting in products that are built to last.

The first product is the “Overnighter”, a bag to take all your essentials and more for a short trip

[Information taken from the about page on Paul Magi Website]


The quality of this product you can see straight away from opening the beautiful yellow box that holds the bag. The box shows true quality and elegance before even opening it. Once opening the box you come across a beautiful dust bag covering the “Overnighter” bag.

From pulling the bag out you can see the quality straight away and the amazing details and designs that have gone into it. Wonderfully smooth Italian cow leather next to beautifully rugged yet stylish British cotton canvas (water resistant). These are accompanied by amazing Superlampo zippers. Made by Giovanni Lanfranchi Spa in Italy. (Details and images below)

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Superlampo Zippers

Superlampo are the top of the range zipper produced by Giovanni Lanfranchi Spa in Italy and embody art, luxury and technology. With impeccable finishing quality, the polished teeth and zippers are luxurious to touch and run incredibly smoothly. The company meets the strictest requirements for ecological textile production.
With a history that extends since 1887, the company is a world leader in quality and supplier of some the most respected global luxury brands.

British Water Resistant Cotton Canvas

We work with two iconic British suppliers of Cotton Canvas;
British Millerain have been making water resistant fabric since 1880. Since then, the company has developed fabrics for a wide range of clothing and outdoor applications, including for the armed forces and country pursuits. The traditional manufacturing processes combined with the latest technology makes the company a world leader in Waxed Cotton.
Halley Stevensons started producing waxed cotton in 1864 from their factory in Scotland. Since then, the company has pioneered new finishes for water resistant cotton resulting in products with character that boast superior performance and appearance

The Overnighter really is a great travel companion. Why not have everything you need with you and have it in style.

The back compartment is accessed with the bag upright. The inside has elasticated pockets, designed to accommodate all sorts of objects like sunglasses and cables and even fits a change of footwear. The opposite side provides pockets for other smaller items like cards, pens and coins.


The design of the handles allows for them to always stay in place without obstructing access to any compartment. With a double tube construction the seam is hidden away and so there are no exposed edges which might provide discomfort


The laptop compartment, sandwiched between the two larger sections (middle of the bag), is also fully padded on the bottom and sides. The top zipper provides quick access to your laptop or tablet, ideal for passing through airport security. The generous internal dimension will accommodate up to a 17″ laptop, but the design ensures a snug, safe fit for most devices

Overnighter pack 2
The signature feature of the Overnighter is that it can be opened laid flat on its side as well as when it is positioned upright. With the bag horizontal, you can access the the clothing compartment, which provides a dedicated space to buckle in a change of clothes flatly and hidden away until required
 Every last detail has been thought of by Paul the designer. You can see and feel that he has put his heart and soul into everything.
You can see which bags they have to offer HERE on their website.
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The Essence Of Revolution – Ressence

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Ressence was founded in 2009 by Benoît Mintiens after he came up with a revolutionary idea: a watch doesn’t necessarily need hands. Or rather, it doesn’t need physical, layered hands on top of the dial; Mintiens strongly believed that the classic circular watch face, with pointers from the centre, is still an excellent design that is universally intelligible. His version would keep hand indicators, but integrate them into the dial itself – the whole dial would turn with them. At once overthrowing and staying true to some of watchmaking’s most fundamental traditions, the Belgian brand was called Ressence, a combination of renaissance and essence.


The initial design debuted in the Series One (also called the Type 1001) and immediately turned heads. Collectors marvelled at how wonderfully it captured what they loved most about watches, and yet in many ways it was completely unlike anything anyone had seen before. In fact the watch was so different to what you’re used to when you glance at your wrist, that many early buyers found it difficult to tell the time initially. But adjustment didn’t take long, and reading a Ressence soon became second nature – anyone who’s worn one will tell you that it’s easier and more effortless than any other timepiece.


How is this achieved? Removing the hands is just the first – if most important – part in the ingenious design. The dial acts as the minute hand, making a full revolution once per hour. This itself had never previously been done, but more impressive yet are the sub-dials, for the hour and seconds hands, and any additional complications. These are set into the dial, on the same plane, and themselves revolve in the opposite direction to it, keeping them upright while the main dial turns and their own hands move as normal.


The whole effect, with “orbital” dials within dials, all spinning in myriad directions, is unbelievably smooth and hypnotic. At the same time, the whole aesthetic is clean, clear and minimalist, thanks to the astonishing openness of the design – where others attempt to add depth to their watches, Ressence glories in complete, uniform flatness.

 In 2012, Ressence completed the Type 3, confusingly followed in 2014 by the Type 1. Both watches evolved and perfected the form and function of the original. The Type 3 introduced another radical innovation, by setting the entire dial in an oily liquid that made its rotation even smoother. A layer of titanium contains the oil and the dial, which is operated at a distance by an ingenious system of mini-magnets in the movement. This technique, along with the dark dial and Luminova highlighs of the Type 3, made it appear even more exotic and alien – a single, perfectly formed pebble without hands, crown or bezel.

 Ressence has won numerous awards for its highly original ideas, and remains the centre of much horological attention. Fittingly, the brand maintains a human hand as its logo – a reference not just to its brilliant watch design, but also the outreaching symbol of humanism that characterises the company’s attitude towards its craft.


 John Wallis is a contributor to Watchfinder & Co.s digital publication The Watch Magazine. Visit for more on watches, and to browse a selection of fine pre-owned watches.