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  1. Hello themodelgentleman ,

    My name is Rian and I own the Instagram account (@ThisbaeLife) – I grew my account from 0 to 110k in 4 months and that’s why I started my own company –

    I think I can very efficiently promote your account in my network and position it to become a viral account.Yes , it is correct that my business is new but I know what I am doing as you can see in live proof ( IG : @ThisBaeLife).

    There are several things we can do to hype up your account –
    1. Giveaway contest – we giveaway some free merch in exchange of people following and liking the account’s pics.
    2. Shoutout with fashion /model/ sports Instagram mega pages – these pages get 20-30k likes per picture.
    3. During the duration of this campaign , we need to reach out to people who like/comment on the promotional material . Reach out = like their pics or leave meaningful comments on their account.

    I would love the opportunity to work together on your unique account – let me know what you think about my proposal.

    P.S: more details about all of this can be found here :

    Rian Kundu

  2. Hi,

    My name is Jolene Williams, I am writing from Luxury brand specialist agency Spring Studios. We are currently conducting research into the luxury market with a focus on watches. We work with an array of large Global luxury brands and wanted to speak directly to you in order to get a specialist view.

    I am London based so it would be great if you were interested to get in touch to organise a call/meeting
    Thanks, Jolene

  3. Hi

    Great Insta’ site and premium blogg. We are a new british design / swiss made watch brand, we would love to do a couple of posts and an article, please connect.

    Yuletide greetings

    @fareruniversal / Paul

  4. Im interested in the centre piece couch you posted today on your instagram… Any info on this item would be much appreciated. Please contact, I would like to purchase soon.

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