British designer of classic mens and womens bags and accessories

More than 30 years on, Ally Capellino accessories have taken their place on the global stage. Their bags are timeless and have such beautiful quality and design aspect to them, they are discreetly luxurious.

The materials that are used throughout the range are mixtures of waxed cotton, Italian veg tan all with a dusting of British design influence which makes up all the beauty of Ally Capellino.

One of the new areas that AC have been focusing on is the Luxe range, it is focused on transporting precious laptops, tablets and other modern paraphernalia in the manner that they deserve. Made from proofed nylon or British waxed cotton, contrasting with generous Italian veg tanned leather flaps, which in turn are secured with buckle down bridle leather straps. Inside the relaxed looking bags is the padding and security needed for being organised on the move.

Nothing goes a miss with AC. Their attention to detail is one of the main aspects of their bags. And a one that we love. The way the studs have been used, the way the stitches are not seen, the way the metal on the buckles and loops have been brushed. It is all the little things that make the bigger picture (or bag). View their Luxe Range HERE

The range of Luxe bags are below:

iiGor Luxe Nylon Rucksack in Black With Black Leather

iGor is a functional rucksack featuring Italian veg tanned leather trims. The signature wide opening on this water-resistant luxe nylon rucksack makes for good access when you need to fill it up. Designers and photographers are the main users of these bags and they are typically filled with laptops, cameras, dogs, and overnight essentials. It includes a padded inner compartment to secure a laptop up to 17″.

iAgo Luxe Nylon in Black With Black Leather

A practical tote in durable, water-resistant luxe nylon with long top handles. iAgo is part of our Luxe Nylon group, with generously trimmed Italian veg tanned leather flaps and secure inner pockets designed to carry laptops and tablets. Wear it on your shoulder or crossbody with the webbing strap. Good for organisers who like to have a pocket or two, or more.

iAn Luxe Nylon Rucksack in Black with Black Leather

A mid sized rucksack in durable, water-resistant luxe nylon with adjustable padded straps, and some generous amounts of Italian veg tanned leather used for flaps and straps. Carry your laptop with confidence and comfort.

Ivan Luxe Nylon Satchel In Black With Black Leather

iVan is a traditional Luxe Nylon crossbody bag with an adjustable webbing strap and zip-secured front pocket. It also features an interior padded pocket for an iPad or an 11″ Macbook. iVan is part of our Luxe Nylon group in strong and water resistant luxe nylon with generously trimmed Italian veg-tan leather flaps and secure inner pockets designed to carry laptops and tablets.


TMG: Why Ally Capellino?

Ally: Ahh a long story going back years to a job after college to make some hats for the windows of some Fiorucci Group shops. 

We (ex partner and I) didn’t have a company name so we quickly came up with this as a ‘little hat’ extension to my name. Unfortunately with only one P it doesn’t quite mean that – more like thin hair?

 TMG: When was AC founded?

Ally: We originally set up in business in 1979 with a collection of clothes inspired by the upcoming 1980 Moscow Olympics.

 TMG: What is the meaning behind AC?

AllyI love to present what we produce with humour and put quite a lot of work into the imagery that we produce.

 TMG: What sums up AC in 1 sentence?

Ally: Really practical bags in great materials that age beautifully and are worn by stylish people who are confident- and also possibly age beautifully.

 TMG: What is the reason for designing the bags that you do?

Ally: I love fashion and self-expression, but I hate waste and things that look last-year after one season. I like to start from a great fabric and colour and make something that brings out those qualities. I also need them to function as receptacles.

TMG: Where are all your bags / accessories made? And why?

Ally: We make most of our leather bags in Spain in a small town where leather craft is a specialty. They understand good quality leathers.Our small leather goods and Ally Capellino gifts and made in the UK.

All the canvas and waxed cotton bags we proudly make in China. They have amazing skills and we mainly use UK or European Fabrics and Leathers. I think that waxed fabrics work for us so well as they wear like good leathers. For this reason we also mostly use veg tanned leathers.

 TMG: What is your favourite AC product?

Ally: I suppose the family of products that I’m the most proud of is the top-opening group of backpacks that began with Frank. It’s made in waxed cotton with 2 front pockets and 2 handles on the top so that it is easy to hold when rooting around inside and also can be carried like a tote. 

We have gone smaller and made Frances, even smaller and made Francesca; more luxurious and made iGor and then sportier and made a nylon Ripstop version.  A couple of years ago I wanted to try a shape that was taller and narrower and we introduced Ashley, which because of a very large number of pockets and a unisex appeal, is now our number 1 seller. 

 TMG: What can we expect from AC in the future

Ally: Some big things I hope. Keep watching.

As you can see. Ally has a huge passion for both the brand, quality and aesthetics for all of her bags. This, mixed with the British influence creates some (under the radar) luxurious bags.

To see more of the AC collection please visit: