Carmina Shoemaker

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“Previously Albaladejo”

Carmina Shoes are in there fourth generation in the family hand-made shoe industry. Carmina started back in the 1990’s by Matías Pujadas creating tailor-made shoes in Inca, Mallorca.

In 1961, Betty’s (4th generation of the family) father José Albaladejo Pujadas, the founder’s great-grandson, continued their family tradition when he created one of Spain’s largest shoe companies. In the 1980s, it turned out a total of one million pairs of shoes.

In 1997, after a downturn in the market when the demand for luxury shoes dropped dramatically, Betty’s father decided to create a new company together with her mother and some of her brothers and Betty. We named the new business Carmina Shoemaker, and our goal is to create some of the world’s best hand-crafted shoes. (little interview taken from Lucas Fox)

I first stumbled across Carmina on their Instagram page and thought what a great account and imagery they have of beautifully crafted shoes. Once I had dug deeper into the company and their shoes I realized just how amazing and hand crafted their shoes are. What’s best about the company it is its still ran by the family. Nothing like heritage and a story behind the brand.

Carmina specializes in goodyear welted leather shoes in both their men’s and women’s lines

The Quality and craftsmanship behind Carmina is so impressive. Every detail is thought of and cared about. Below are some last shapes that you can get from their WEBSITE or E-BOUTIQUE

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The Quality of the shoe is evident straight out of the box. The smell hits you straight away of the beautiful leather (like a new car smell). Then when you remove the shoes from the amazingly soft / luxurious dust bag to reveal the shoe, you then realize how special they are. Carmina have got it just right with their calf lines leather. You want a shoe to be comfortable yet stable and they have hit this on the head. The leather is beautifully soft and comfortable yet you know it will stay strong for a long time to come. The fit of the shoe (depending on the last you choose and your foot) fit perfect and snug.

The thing that men and women need to realize is spend money and they will last, its that simple. And along with that they will look after your feet also.

People talk about English shoe making is the best. Some may agree and disagree with it. But one thing is for sure Spanish shoe making is on the rise. And I feel that Carmina are at the forefront of this. Displaying and showing the quality they possess and can achieve with their amazing shoe collection and designs. Carmina have placed themselves in a great area of menswear at a great price point for everyone.


Head to their social media site (Instagram) to keep up to date with all the latest news and designs.


or visit their website for more details :

Alta Zapatería Balear S.L
T 0034 971 880 938
F 0034 971 503 954
Ctra. Palma-Alcúdia, km 30,3
07300 Inca, Mallorca, Spain