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” A dollar well spent”

Garret Leight California Optical (GLCO) was created in Venice, CA in 2011 by L.A native Garrett Leight. Leight’s eyewear heritage has been well documented, but it’s his vision of creating a brand that offers luxury handcrafted eyewear combining quality, service, style, & original brand DNA for the best value, that makes GLCO most unique. GLCO is inspired by California and its icons. (information from the about page)

I first came about seeing Garrett Leight a while ago in magazines and i constantly said to myself i must remember this brand it looks amazing. But as we all do, i kept forgetting.

But then lately i came across them on their Instagram page. And then i rememebered!!

I first recieved my pair from them a few days ago and i have to say they are the best sunglasses / Optical wear i have ever come across. The build quality is outstanding. Every detail is thought of down to the colour, screws and even on some the engraving / design on the frames. They truly are a piece of art.

Below are just a few of the glasses they provide. But if you go to there website here, you will be able to see there whole range and also go to the modshop section and create your own.


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garrett-leight-california-optical-2014-spring-summer-collection-0Last two images are taken from “Selectism

As you can see the last two images have lenses folded up in a little pouch. These are clip on lenses to go on the front of your optical glasses. Such an amazing technique and design. The thought process that has gone into them really is amazing.

You will find a video here of Garrett Leight himself being interviewed by Fader TV showing you briefly how the glasses and clips work. Amazing!!

This is just a quick and brief description of the wonderful brand Garrett Leight. More to come in the next few days / week once i have worn the glasses and ill let you know my full verdict. But i think i know already.

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