Linde Werdelin Classic 3 Timer

The Classic 3 Timer Ocean & 3 Timer Midnight

The 3 Timer Midnight with its textured calfskin strap

Linde Werdelin introduces two new classic 3 Timer series: the 3 Timer Ocean and the 3 Timer Midnight, a celebration of the blue colours of the ocean as well as the brand’s signature blue colour.

“Increasingly our customers have been asking us to bring back more classic 3 Timer series so we thought the summer holidays would be the perfect time to do just that.” Jorn Werdelin

Revisiting Linde Werdelin history:

Originally launched in 2009 the Linde Werdelin 3 Timer was an evolution of their first ever watch – the Biformeter (Elemental and Two Timer). While retaining the Biformeter’s sporty attitude, every single detail of the 3 Timer was redesigned in a more refined and subdued fashion: from the shape of the hands and Luminova indexes to the new dial with a textured pattern emulating the lines of longitude and latitude circling our globe. With a GMT function combined with a 24 hour turning bezel it made the 3 Timer our ultimate traveller’s watch.

These two new additions to the Classic family have been made in appreciation of a growing interest of the early days of the brand. They follow two 3 Timer series launched last year – the 3 Timer Kristian Haagen and 3 Timer Chocolate.

Ocean for day and Midnight for night:

The 3 Timer Ocean features an Ocean blue dial with a matching Ocean blue rubber strap ideal for leisurely summer days spent diving or swimming in the sea.

The 3 Timer Midnight features a deep dark blue dial, the brand’s signature blue colour for the first time on a dial. It is paired with either a matching Midnight blue rubber strap or a textured calf strap of the same colour, intended for a more discreet evening look on sea or on shore. The Linde Werdelin blue colour was naturally inspired by the colour of water. Our two universes are intrinsically linked to water – snow in the mountains and water in the sea.

The two new series reflect the essence of Linde Werdelin’s universes of diving and skiing, in this case the wonderful blue colours of the ocean including of course our signature Linde Werdelin blue colour.”

The Linde Werdelin interchangeable strap system:

Our unique strap attachment system allows the wearer to effortlessly switch straps. It took years of development and design to engineer this seamless interlinking of strap and watch case. With a titanium strap insert and unique hexagonal screws the system can withstand the effects of most activities in the mountains or the sea. An additional benefit for our customers who often own more than one Linde Werdelin watch; all our straps fit all of our watches.


The 3 Timer Ocean and 3 Timer Midnight will be available to order on as of Thursday 26th July 2018 (with delivery about four weeks later), and premiered at an event to celebrate the Classic family at our special retail partner The Lavish Attic in Hong Kong on August 2nd 2018.

About the brand:

Linde Werdelin explores the heights of the mountains and the depths of the sea.
The brand was born out of a life-threatening event in the Swiss Alps, a 30 years friendship and an uncompromising drive for genuine quality and usefulness. In the winter of 1996, Jorn Werdelin, a keen mountaineer and off-piste skier, was taken by surprise in a bout of bad weather, got lost, skied off a cliff and broke his back.

In 2002, Jorn Werdelin partnered with his friend Morten Linde to develop a new idea: a highly crafted sports watch, that could be combined with a professional digital instrument to provide the right level of information at the right time for skiing and diving.

Today Morten and Jorn continue to develop and expand their interpretation of the two universes – skiing and diving – in their limited edition timepieces. The extreme beauty of the mountains and the sea acts as perpetual source of inspiration for the destiny of Linde Werdelin.




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