“Quintessentially British and developed in collaboration with The Harley Street Skin Clinic”

The founders of the brand, Luke and Gareth’s main objective was to create a range that was inclusive and could be used by all men, which is why our products are functional and easy to use. The range includes active ingredients that protect and repair skin from daily elements to keep it healthy and youthful looking. With products that are beautifully and faultlessly designed . Skillfully blending form and function, Monroe offers an inclusive skincare range that delivers protection from the elements and promotes a routine that all men can subscribe to.

Born out of a passion for high quality products that look stylish and are well designed, Luke and Gareth spent 20 years immersed in fashion photography, they were exposed to an industry focused on image and looking good. Taking an egalitarian approach, they decided to bring that focus out from behind the lens to share with like minded men in Britain and beyond

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Here at TMG we love the attention to detail. When you have the product in your hands you really feel the love, passion and thought that has gone into it. Its not just “another brand”, it’s a brand that knows where they are and where they want to go. We highly recommend using Monroe. They have a wide selection of products. Below are just a few that are available:

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